What a Discovery

Just before the start of winter, I got the email (well actually Monica did, I was not included…) “Who wants to go into Discovery Hut?” I told Monica she should go and then looked into it and I was able to get the time off work as well!

Months later and it’s now history.  We had a great group of 8, 4 skiers and 4 boarders and we flew into the Discovery Hut in Wells Grey Provincial Park.  Starting the week we got a bit of new fluffy snow and had great skiing.  Then the rest of the storm came bringing about 30cm but also high winds.  Essentially the hunt was on now, find your way into new terrain and try to find the sheltered snow.

It would be a lie to say all the skiing was amazing and that it was a totally smooth, uneventful trip.  Nature did some grooming and some spots were as hard as the groomers, other spots were still great snow!  “Pinball Wizard” this is a run that we will never forget the name of, it was an adventure.  First going up, down, left, right to figure out how to get back out of the run, then to find ourselves in the start of the storm working out way home through the flats.  When we took our skins off for the “last” time of the day and slide home we turned the corner and “hmm…. that cliff shouldn’t be there” were the next words out of my mouth.  After a little debating we turned around put our skins back on and not too much longer we were back at the cabin, about 20 min before the nightly radio call in.  This one deserved a beer.

By the end of the week, we all had our fill of ups and downs, we had lots of laughs, great turns, and we were out of food, booze, and energy.  It was time to go home and wait for spring to arrive.


#WellsGreyAdventures #DiscoveryHut #WellsGreyProvincialPark #YellowheadHelicopters @BCParks  @JPicsPhotography


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