A Surprise to the North!

It was my big 3-0 and that’s when Monica spilled her surprise… my birthday present consisted of a bottle of Yukon Brewery “Yukon Holiday”, a Yukon travel magazine and most important, a travel itinerary that departed in 3 weeks!

So, three weeks later our bikes were packed and we were boarding our flight with Air North to Whitehorse, Yukon (FYI Air North has the best service!  Easy and cheap to fly with bikes and hot cookies in flight).

We had an amazing trip with great riding, great company and great new friends.  Everything just seemed to fall into our laps.  We rented a UHaul van which made life easy to get around with bikes, we had a great house to stay in and just by chance our timing was bang on with friends of friends who were also there to ride!

Here are a few photos to summarize our trip that was based out of Whitehorse with trips to Carcross and Skagway, AK.

This was an amazing trip that was not long enough, like every trip.

Best birthday present ever!

Also big thanks to Boreale Biking who helped with great beta and shuttles!


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